Azay Guliyev met foreign partners of “Freedom to Shusha” campaign

Azerbaijan Democratic Student Youth Organization has executed the project named “Baku Assembly of foreign partners of ‘Freedom to Shusha’ international campaign” funded by the Council on State Support to NGOs under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Today, there has been held a meeting in Council’s office with the participation of the representatives of 19 foreign NGOs (Poland, Turkey, Latvia, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Belgium, Israel, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia and Sudan) who are in our country in the framework of above-stated project.

Chairman of the Council, MP Azay Guliyev opened the meeting with welcoming remarks and thoroughly informed the guests on the history and consequences of Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Chairman also emphasized that this conflict has created over a million Azerbaijani IDPs who have been stripped of the majority of their fundamental freedoms, and cultural and historical heritages in occupied Azerbaijani territories have been destructed. Regretfully stating the 20-year-long disobedience of Armenian side to the four resolutions adopted by UN Security Council on unconditional and immediate withdrawal of Armenian armed forces from the territories of Azerbaijan, Azay Guliyev called on civil society institutions to take the lead in this fight against the injustice: ‘Mass destruction of cultural and historical monuments in Shusha, the conservatoire of the Caucasus, after the occupation by Armenian armed forces is a crime against the intangible heritage of entire human race. NGOs should contribute to delivery of these facts to global community and increasing the actions toward the restoration of justice.

Chairman of the Council once again mentioned that Armenia who has grossly violated the international legal norms should have already been seriously punished for this infringement, and underlined the series of events under Freedom to Shusha campaign will go on throughout the year.

Executive director of the Council’s Secretariat Farasat Gurbanov informed the guests on the work undertaken within the scope of the campaign in question, as well as the organizational structure and general activity of the Council.

At the end of the meeting, NGO leaders exchanged their views to this end.

04.05.2016 | 11:12