Council holds International Scientific Conference on “The Treaty of Turkmenchay– 190: Following the Traces of Historical Truth”

The Council on State Support to Non-governmental Organizations under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan held an International Scientific Conference on “The Treaty of Turkmenchay– 190: Following the Traces of Historical Truth”. Esteemed historian scientists of both our country, and France, Russia, Georgia took part in the conference.

Moderator of the event, head of the “Aid to the Development of Public Relations” Public Union, PhD in Philology Shalala Hasanova spoke about the influence of Turkmanchay peace treaty on the life of Azerbaijani people and expressed her gratitude to the Council for its support to hold a conference on this important topic. Shalala Hasanova said that reports of scientists who have valuable research works on Turkmanchay treaty will be heard in the conference: “the most damaged and negatively influenced is the Azerbaijani nation. Although we lost lands in large area with this agreement, we have enough evidence and proofs, historical facts to convey our right voice to the international community”. Sh.Hasanova emphasized that there is a great need for the study of Turkmanchay treaty on different sources.

Executive director of the Secretariat of the Council Farasat Gurbanov stated that representatives of civil society institutions continuously take important initiatives on various fields, as well as on our history and the Council always supports such kinds of projects. Farasat Gurbanov said that this conference, where respected historian scientists, representatives of NGOs and mass media participate, will help to convey historical truth to the public.

Three panels, titled “Turkmanchay Peace Treaty as a starting point for the history of the Armenian ethnos in the Caucasus”, “Turkmenchay-190: political and economic strategy of the powers” and “Turkmenchay Peace Treaty – the key prerequisite for the de-ethnicization of the Albanians in the Caucasus” were held within the conference

Doctor of Law, Professor, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan) Namik Aliyev, Ph.D. in history, prorector for research at the Higher School of Social and Management Consulting (Russia) Oleg Kuznetsov, Director of the Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, Honored Journalist (Georgia) Badri Nachkebia, Ph.D. in history, Head of the Department of the Bakikhanov Institute of History of ANAS (Azerbaijan) Ilgar Niftaliyev,