The Council presents the first service of SALIS, E-queue

As you know, the Council will introduce 13 new e-services this year to increase the number and quality of e-services, to provide transparency, publicity, accessibility and, most importantly, the maximum satisfaction of NGOs.
The Council has set up SALIS - Quick Coordination and Project Management System to implement quick coordination between these programs and to consolidate all electronic services (total 20 electronic services) on a single basis.
SALIS - Quick Coordination and Project Management System, which is considered to be the new brand of the Council, will create new opportunities for the NGOs, including the citizens, and through this system everyone will be able to use e-services of the Council conveniently and quickly.
From today the Council launches the first service of SALIS , the electron queue (E-queue).
NGOs can use the E-queue service more easily and conveniently by following the Council's video guide (
Anyone who is facing any difficulties during the use of electron service can address to the hotline of the Council (1672) or the staff of the Secretariat, Tural Huseynli and Elnur Baghirov.

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