The conference titled "Non-governmental organizations and religious communities: the organization of joint activities" was organized jointly by the Council and the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations

The chairman of the Council, MP Azay Guliyev stated that the topic discussed is not only the issue of the relevant institutions, but also of the whole society. Azay Guliyev stressed that civil society institutions in Azerbaijan always protect and promote our religious values from the position of the national and state interests and contribute to the sustainability of multicultural traditions that exist in our country for centuries: “The state not only appreciates the activities of NGOs in this direction, but also provides financial support for any initiative in this area. The Council funded 62 projects submitted by NGOs for the implementation of enlightenment within the framework of fight against religious radicalism in recent years. The joint cooperation between the Council and the Committee has always been a tradition, and we regularly organize joint events and co-ordinate our activities on many issues".

The chairman of the Council stated that religious radicalism is a new term for Azerbaijan and has never had tradition and historical roots in our country. Because historically other religions were tolerantly approached, harmony between different sects was preserved and no factors that can lead to radicalism were ever in Azerbaijan and do not exist today: “The concept of religious radicalism has recently been exported from abroad and used in the implementation of a number of political projects. The most dangerous manifestation of religious radicalism in Azerbaijan is to try to intervene in the political life of the country under the religious curtain and to join illegal gangs and terrorist organizations. Today, the biggest threat and anxiety is the religious radicalism exported from abroad. NGOs still take significant social responsibility for minimizing external influences”.

Azay Guliyev made a number of interesting proposals at the conference: "The Council can announce joint competitions with a specific address and target group with the Religious Committee. These are, undoubtedly, important public support for the state policy pursued in this direction. Especially in the mosques and social networks, these groups, which would create radical and sectarian confrontations, should be seriously taken into control and NGOs should be more active in this regard.