Council held public hearing on “New approaches and NGOs in protection of national interests”

The Council on State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan held a public hearing on “New approaches and NGOs in protection of national interests”.

Executive director of the Secretariat of the Council Farasat Gurbanov said that NGOs have some important duties arising from the dynamic development in all fields in our country. F.Gurbanov noted that NGOs should be able to meet the requirements of modern development and strengthen public relations. They have to inform the public more efficiently about a number of interesting and beneficial projects that they have implemented by using the social networking sites.

Deputy Chairman of the Council said that NGOs must pay close attention to some issues, such as state independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, protection of constitutional structure, strengthening civil society, providing public and political stability, raising the country's reputation in their initiatives implemented for the protection of national interests: “Robustness of society reflects itself mainly in one issue more vividly, which is economic and moral progress. Currently we witness unprecedented economic development in Azerbaijan. The only provision for our future success is to pay attention to robust society building, to promote moral values among new generation and to protect our national interests”.