Azay Guliyev: "There is great potential for joint cooperation between Azerbaijani and Russian NGOs"

Azay Guliyev, chairman of the Council on State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, said after the meeting with the leadership of the Russian Public Chamber, APA's Moscow correspondent reports. He said he arrived to Moscow on the invitation of Russian Public Chamber’s secretary Valery Fadeyev: "The purpose of today's meeting is to discuss future cooperation between the two organizations, and there are warm relations between Azerbaijan and Russia, both sides call each other a strategic partner. There are many Azerbaijanis living in Russia, and vice versa”.

A.Guliyev emphasized that despite the high level of interstate relations, the ties between the society of two countries are not at a high level: "There is a great potential for joint cooperation between the Azerbaijani and Russian NGOs, and today at the meeting with the Russian Public Chamber we worked on a framework document reflecting future activities, which is a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation and joint efforts. As you know, the Memorandum was signed between the Council on State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Russian Public Chamber in 2013. However, this document has expired and we need to update it, and we have had very interesting and productive discussions here and demonstrated common position on many issues. Despite that, there is no common approach on some sensitive issues. But I hope that the dialogue will allow us to come to an agreement on all issues. We have agreed to establish working groups in four directions. These are working groups on youth and student activities, in the field of education, science and culture, human rights protection, migration issues and public oversight, joint action and exchange programs”.

A.Guliyev also noted the importance of creating a working group on migration issues and protection of human rights: "As you know, there is a great need to protect the rights of both Russian and Azerbaijani citizens, who live respectively in Azerbaijan and Russia and many issues arise. Today, the Public Chamber and Russian NGOs can do a great deal of work on this issue, and this is a vital issue for us, and we have created a joint working group to identify and eliminate problems in this area to take steps to remove them together”.

A.Guliyev also said that the Public Chamber’s leadership was invited to visit Azerbaijan.


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