Azay Guliyev met MalenaMard

Meeting with the Head of the EU Delegation in Azerbaijan Ambassador MalenaMardtook place today at the office of the Council on State Support to NGOs under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Ambassador provided information about the activities of the EU delegation in Azerbaijan and highlighted the rapidly growing relations between EU and Azerbaijan. MalenaMard added that they try to enhance the relations between various institutions of EU and relevant governmental bodies of our country.Besides, according to Ambassador, EU Delegation in Azerbaijan is going to closely work with NGOs implementing the projects with the support of the Council in the sphere of education and plans to finance such projects. EU Delegation in Azerbaijan is also interested in partnership with the Council regarding the capacity-building of the region-based NGOs.

Chairman of the Council Azay Guliyev informed Ambassador on the seminars and trainings aimed at the development of the civil society and organized by the Council in the regions of the country in 2016. Azay Guliyev emphasized the role of the NGOs in terms of the development of the bilateral relations with EU and highlighted the importance of cooperation on issues of common interest.

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