Council signed Memorandum of Understanding with TIKA

Today, the Council on State Support to NGOs under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA). Chairman of the Council, MP Azay Guliyev called the memo a benevolent document which will contribute to improvement of collaboration with TIKA which is one of the most important institutions of Turkey dealing with issues on civil society. He also emphasized that this memo will act in the best national interests of both parties. Reminding Baku NGO Resource and Training Center that was opened as a result of cooperation between the Council and TIKA some time ago, Azay Guliyev stated that this memorandum will further enhance the relations on legal grounds and support the coordination of respective activities from now onwards.

This memo is the first document signed between the Council and Turkish state authority and will make huge contributions to the evolution of civil society, said Azay Guliyev. Chairman also added that the Council and TIKA support significant overseas projects regarding a variety of thematic areas and today’s agreement will increase the opportunities in this direction even more.  

Touching upon historical roots, Azay Guliyev stated that the day of signing the memo falls on the eve of centennial anniversary of Turkish triumph in Chanaggala and he also put an emphasize on how entire Turkish world including Azerbaijan attaches a special importance to this historic day.  Chairman of the Council stated that Turkish nation fought to the death and sacrificed their lives for the victory in Chanaggala. Azay Guliyev also condemned recognition by several international organization of fake Armenian genocide and said: “Accusing Turkey in committing genocide and finding it guilty is solely an attempt by European Parliament and a range of international organizations to compensate their defeat in Chanaggala in 1915. They seemingly try to take a revenge for that failure in Chanaggala by recognizing fabricated Armenian genocide. These types of institutions should better not forget that those failing to overcome Turkey then can achieve nothing based on a baseless piece of paper. Mr. President Ilham Aliyev will once again demonstrate Azerbaijan’s strong support to our closest and most strategic ally by attending the ceremony of Turkish triumph in Chanaggala on 24th of April”.   

Programme coordinator of TIKA’s Baku Office Mustafa Hashim Polat called on those accusing Turkey in genocide to definitely hold on a minute and have a look at Turkish history. Turks have never tortured anyone; even during the First World War Turkish military forces have demonstrated high respect to their enemies. Turkey has always been associated with rich peace and friendly traditions towards others. Nowadays, not only the states but also the nations play an important role concerning respective issues that is why the NGOs must contribute to complete the mission, said the programme coordinator of TİKA. Hashim Polat expressed his confidence that signed document would significantly combine the efforts of either party in relevant spheres.      

At the end, the parties signed the memorandum of cooperation and agreed on setting up a joint working group to get underway the provisions reflected on the paper in upcoming days.

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