The NGO Council authorities signed Grant Agreements with British, German and Estonian NGOs

The authorities of the Council on State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed Grant Agreements with the following NGOs

- European Institute for Caucasus and Caspian Studies Berlin, Germany

- Vision Squared, Great Britain

- e-Governance Academy, Estonia

The Chairperson of the NGO Council Mr. Azay Guliyev informed the guests on the Council activity and state policies regarding development of civil society. He noted that funded projects provide EU citizens with complete and correct information on Azerbaijan. Three projects are about ASAN service and are believed to be very successful.  Mr. Azay Guliyev further added that ASAN service plays an important role in combating corruption as well.

The Chairperson of European Institute for Caucasus and Caspian Studies Berlin Mr. Matthias Dornfeldt gave a short information on his organization. From his point of view, ASAN service can be considered as a unique institute. Round tables and seminars devoted to ASAN service will be organized in several cities of Germany in the framework of the project. Mr. Matthias Dornfeldt will also do research on ASAN service in Azerbaijan. He noted that the project will strengthen the relations between Azerbaijan and Germany.

The Chairperson of e-Governance Academy Mr. Orvo Ott spoke about the achievements that both Azerbaijan and Estonia made, and similarities in the field of e-governance. He stressed on the importance of Azerbaijan - Estonia relations in the framework of Eastern Partnership program. He also added that, despite all the progress made in the field of e-governance in Estonia, they lack services like ASAN.

The Chairperson of Vision Squared Mr. Francesco Grillo gave short information on his organization as well. The NGO staff will do research on ASAN service and the outcome will be spread in European media. There will also be a conference on ASAN service structure and achievements in Italy and Great Britain (Oxford University is a potential venue). The event will be covered by media.

The Chairperson of the NGO Council Mr. Azay Guliyev suggested preparing reports on the research outcomes and sending them to the international organizations such as the UN, OSCE, EU, etc. to inform them on the achievements made by Azerbaijan in the field of e-governance. It is important to improve the image of the country, since it was damaged by biased and one-sided information. 

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