Ambassador of Germany to Azerbaijan visited the NGO Council

The NGO Council  officials  had a meeting with Ambassador Ms. Heidrun Tempel and First Secretary . Dr. Frederik Hanke of German Embassy, Baku, Azerbaijan.

The NGO Council Chairperson Mr. Azay Guliyev informed the guests on the evolution, structure and the activities of NGO Council. He noted that the NGO Council  was established in 2007 in accordance with the Presidential Decree . The Council is governed by the 11 members of which 8 of them  are the representatives of the  civil society. It was added that more than 3 thousand NGOs are functioning in Azerbaijan in the fields of democracy, human rights, ecology, society, education, etc. Since its inception about 6 years ago, the  NGO Council offered financial grants to  more than 2500 projects  on a fair basis. This played an important role in civil society development. In order to prevent dependence of national NGOs on foreign funding, the idea of increasing national funding amount in coming years  is becoming more and more popular.

 Chairperson  Azay Guliyev informed the guests that starting from 2013, the  NGO Council's began to support projects of   foreign NGOs. . He stressed on the fact of double standards  being demonstrated by  some international organizations and European countries  toward Azerbaijan, adding that this indeed led  to discontentment.

Ambassador Ms. Heidrun Tempel noted, that she is closely watching the civil society activity in Azerbaijan and showed her interest in knowing more about the projects being executed by the NGOs of German and other European countries  with financial support of CSSN.  

She also shared her opinion on relationship between Azerbaijan and Germany, changes in NGO Legislation and problems the NGOs are facing due to this.

The meeting went on with exchange of thoughts, and questions and answers session.

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