Azay Guliyev met with the Coordinator of TIKA-Azerbaijan

The Chairman of The Council on State Support  to Non-governmental Organizations under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, member of the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan Azay Guliyev met today with  the Coordinator of the Baku office of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) Mr. Mustafa Polad and Deputy Coordinator Mr. Ismayıl Gurlech.

At the meeting  views on further expansion of cooperation between The Council and TIKA was exchanged. .

Chairman Azay Guliyev noted that the relationships between NGOs of the two brotherly countries broadened  lately and the leadership of the Council  took  steps in this field. Chairman Azay Guliyev  added that the Council is interested in the cooperation with international organisations and all the activities done  so far are of great importance for the  entire civil society.

In  turn, TIKA Coordinator  Mr. Mustafa Polad stated that TIKA is ready to assist The Council in the creation of Electronic TV, expansion of activities in the field of “e-government” as well as improving the technical equipment of the 'NGO Resource and Training  Center' and establishment of  Research and Development Department within CSSN.

Moreover, the possibility of organising  Project in the interest of Azerbaijan in the Europe offices of TIKA was mentioned during the meeting

At the end Chairman Azay Guliyev expressed his gratitude to the leadership of TIKA for providing  assistance in taking care of  3 Azerbaijani soldiers injured as a result of ceasefire violation by Armenians, for medical treatment to Turkey 

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