The Council launched e-consultation service of SALIS

A video clip on e-consultation service included in SALIS has been presented

The Council on State Support to NGOs under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan announces the fifth grant competition of 2019 for NGOs

Natalia Bourjaily: This is the first experience and an Azerbaijani model in Eurasia

Appeals Commission responded to requests

The Council finalized the fourth grant competition in 2019

Appeals Commission responded to requests

The Council began the implementation of the e-queue program in the regions

SALIS - is a successful model of important innovation

The program “e-citizen” of the brand SALIS was presented at the Azerbaijan University of Languages

The Council held the first presentation of the program “E-citizen”, which is a part of the brand SALIS, at the Baku State University

The Council announces the 4th grant competition for 2019

Chairman of the Council, deputy Azay Guliyev presented the first AGREEMENT of the program SALIS

The Council held an informational session on the rules of using the e-queue programme

Results of the competition on funding NGO resources and training centers

The Council presents the first service of SALIS, E-queue

Short instruction on how to use the "E-queue" service

Results of the 1st grant competition of 2019 of the Council

The next virtual meeting of foreign and local public organizations was held in the Council

UNICEF announced a vacancy in the context of cooperation with the Council

Azay Guliyev met with the head of the delegation of USAID in Azerbaijan

The Council announced the results of the evaluation of the projects implemented in 2018

The Council held a reporting conference on the results of its activities in 2018

The meeting of the Commission of the Council on the approval of grants provided by the state bodies was held

New electron services of the Council were discussed at ARB24 live broadcast

The Council has announced a competition on the funding of projects of NGO resources and training centers

The Council made a decision on the application of new electron services and grant competitions

The Council announces a travel grant competition for the participation of NGOs in international events in 2019

Azay Quliyev announced news to be made by the Council in 2019

Council organized information session for NGOs